Countdown to Start-Up Day: Amina Waldron

Amina Waldron, is the Founder and Director of Youth Elements, a Manchester based youth-led company. She has over 10 years experience working in the youth and community sector.

Amina, knows and understands the importance of wellbeing, staying motivated, resting and looking after ourselves. Its easier said than done. Through setting up her social enterprise, she has experienced trials and tribulations.  Amina will share her journey and the value of being true to ourselves.

“Managing and being aware of the demands and pressures we place on ourselves, when setting up a business can be an oversight. It can lead to loss of sleep, bad moods, depression and the most common of all stress.”

Amina will share her tips on:

· Awareness and recognition on how we treat ourselves

· Breathing techniques

· Things to Avoid

This talk will teach some of the steps you need to take to stay healthy and happy running your own business. Amina’s message is that it can be a stressful time so take the time to look after your own welfare.

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