The BIPC Manchester is working with the Intellectual Property Office on a new initiative to support tech / creative businesses protect and make the most of their IP assets.

The scheme will provide tech/creative start-up businesses with an integrated business and IP review. The review will comprise an interview conducted by a member of the BIPC Manchester team, and will result in a brief report outlining best practice guidance in relation to the commercial options around its intangible assets as well as managing potential risks associated with them.

The scheme is aimed at tech/creative start-up businesses:
• who are already trading,
• where potential IP has been identified which could be significant to the development and commercialisation of its product(s)/service(s) and
• where further guidance is required in respect of managing and developing an integrated business and IP plan.

Businesses can apply for a free (funded) Integrate Review. If the application is approved by the IPO, the process will help the business to:
• Recognise and understand its potentially hidden value assets,
• Understand the risks around them and how to protect and secure them,
• See the possible opportunities they present and how they might be exploited,
• Consider best practice in the management of the assets and lastly
• Know what next steps might be and how to take them (signposting).

To apply please contact the Business & IP Centre Manchester at: