Turn Your Idea Into A Business with COBRA

Across the Ask About Business members we provide free access to a number of business and intellectual property databases; helping entrepreneurs and businesses to research trends, markets and companies, and to utilise and protect their IP. If you’ve ever wondered what the market trends are in a particular industry, how to write a business plan, or where to… Read More

NEW! Market research from Frost and Sullivan

The BIPC Manchester has recently acquired access to Frost and Sullivan’s range of in-depth global market research & strategy reports. They cover medical technology, chemicals & plastics, automation, electronics, energy systems, environmental & building technologies and IT. It has never been more critical for organisations to understand and prepare for future industry changes by leveraging… Read More

Live music in 2021….Where do we go from here?

The music industry is one of the main sectors effected by the events of the last 12 months. Therefore, the Manchester Business & IP Centre arranged a live panel discussion with their friends at Leeds Business & IP Centre. This was part of the BIPC’s National Networks Reset. Restart programme, to support businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic. Reset.Restart includes… Read More

Can your business help with an emergency response to tackle the impacts of the digital divide?  

In 2019 Manchester City Council estimated 27,000 adults in Manchester as digitally excluded. In reality we know this number is in fact much higher with Greater Manchester Combined Authority having the 2020 headline figure for those digitally excluded across GM as 1.2 million people.  New analysis from Greater Manchester Combine Authority has found that less than half of young… Read More