New Year, New Business?

Now that the festive season is over, are you thinking about starting your own business?
It’s a popular time for new businesses to be launched. There’s a lot to do but did you know how much help you can get from libraries? From resources to events, experts and even good old-fashioned business books!

Business Ideas:
Turn your idea into a business with COBRA – the Complete Business Reference Advisor.

Market Research:
Vital to your business planning – you need to know who your potential customers and competitors are. Use our industry-standard business databases for research and save yourself time and money.

Check the calendar for activities. Many libraries offer start up advice sessions, as well as workshops and networking opportunities.

Business Books:
from learning basic accountancy to the latest business biography, check out the your local library for what’s on the shelves. And don’t forget e-books too.

Intellectual Property help

Free office space:
Libraries have free wifi, and most offer PCs, printers and copying facilities. You’ll find space to work, and many have meeting rooms. Find a library near you

Business & Intellectual Property Centre Manchester

Make sure you’re in good shape for starting your business – take advantage of all the free resources available and good luck!

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