Reset. Restart: Your Project Management

Digital Project Management Tips to Support Your BusinessWith a variety of popular project management processes used in the business world, it’s shocking to hear that only 39% of project succeed,… Read More

Introduction to Trademark Searching

How to search for a trademark webinarAlmost every business has intellectual property of some sort - in its words, logos or pictures, or a combination.This webinar will explain the basics behind trademark protection and registration, and how to use internet databases and resources to search for trademarks. The session will include a live demonstration of… Read More

Reset. Restart: Five Creative Tools for Innovators

Stuck for ideas? Maybe you want to run your own business, but don't know what to sell.Maybe you've got an idea, but worry it's not good enough. Maybe you're already in business, but feel like you should be innovating. We all need creativity at work - not just artists and poets. This session gives you… Read More

Reset. Restart: Your Branding

Delivered by our Business expert Wendy Breakell of Break into Business, Wendy will show you how to adopt a fresh approach to your branding.Whether you are looking to start your own brand, rebrand or review your brand, this workshop will cover the most important parts of a start- up, small business brand. Ignoring the lure… Read More

Intro to E-Marketer: The digital business news database

An introduction and demonstration of the E-Marketer database, its features and what it can offerIn the modern age, technology and innovation plays a cornerstone role in business and industry. New technologies and the latest developments have more of an impact on a businesses success than ever before.E-Marketer provides the latest news, insights and analysis of… Read More

Reset.Restart: Marketing #3 Think Different

Not all businesses have massive marketing budgets - find out how to make yours work effectively for you.Session 3:Not all businesses have massive marketing budgets – some have none at all! In this workshop, you will learn how to approach marketing in a different way with tips and ideas on how to reach your audience… Read More

Music Industry Legal Clinic – March

Legal advice for musicians and music industry workersThe BIPC is working with Carol Isherwood from Isherwood Legal Limited.Carol is a Specialist Music/Creative Industries Legal and Business affairs Consultant The clinics will cover all aspects of music law, whether this relates to copyright queries and protecting works; copyright infringement and what to do if someone uses your work… Read More

Reset. Restart: Your Approach to Finances

Delivered by our Business expert Wendy Breakell of Break into Business, Wendy will show you how to adopt a fresh approach to your finances.Wendy is an experienced entrepreneur so she understands the challenges and fears that start- ups and small business can feel with finances. In this workshop Wendy will take a non -nonsense approach… Read More

Business Support with BIPC

A webinar guide to the Manchester Business and IP Centre and how our service can help you!At this seminar you will learn how we can save you time and money… Read More