Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Are you a new or aspiring entrepreneur? This programme from the European Union offers the opportunity to spend 1-6 months to work with an experienced entrepreneur in another European country.
During the exchange the new entrepreneur will participate in the host’s business to enable them to develop knowledge and skills that they can use to start, or develop their own business. The host will benefit from the skills and perspectives brought by the new entrepreneur.
The programme provides financial support to the New Entrepreneur throughout the exchange. It’s open to UK entrepreneurs and our colleagues at the British Library are encouraging take up around the country.

Who is eligible?
A new entrepreneur must either have run a business at owner/director level for no more than 3 years or have an idea for a business which is sufficiently developed to enable them to submit a business plan.
A host entrepreneur must have run a business at owner/director level for more than 3 years.

How you apply
• Application is through the EYE website
Both hosts and new entrepreneurs will be asked to select a contact point. The Business & IP Centre at the British Library is on the list as BLBIPC

Success stories
• James, from Sussex, had an idea for a business idea using virtual reality as a training tool. He spent 4 months working with, Arnaud the owner a cutting-edge virtual reality company in France and has now started his own business.
• Nadia is an artificial intelligence specialist in Bulgaria. She wanted to start a business applying this knowledge to online marketing. Nadia spent 3 months working with Ellie, who owns a highly successful social media marketing business in the UK. Nadia learned from Ellie’s business experience and Ellie benefitted from Nadia developing chat bots for her website.
• Rachel, from Yorkshire, wanted to develop a music label aimed at a very specific audience. She spent 6 months with Victoria in Berlin who runs a publishing company aimed at the same audience.
• Diane from Portugal wanted to start her own cycle-themed café. She spent a month working with Matthew in his cycle café in London to learn about the practical aspects of the business.