Big Ideas Generators

We commissioned Social Value Consultancy to look at the economic and social impacts of the Big Ideas Generators project. The results are extremely positive:

For every £1 spent through the BIG Project there is £4.99 Social Return on Investment created through fiscal savings, wider economic benefits and improvements to wellbeing.
For every £1 invested there was a GVA productivity uplift of £4.58 to the Greater Manchester Economy.
Total Social Return on Investment: £1,248,691
Total Economic Impact GVA: £1,144,983

Total £2,393,674 (against funding of £249, 985)

  • 84% of participants felt their skills had increased.
  • 96% of participants have increased their knowledge.
  • 70% of participants have increased their self-confidence.
  • 59% of participants have increased their self-esteem.
  • 99% would recommend the event/session to family and friends.

You can read the full report here