Thinking of starting a business? Things have changed in just a few short weeks. This FREE online programme is designed to support, develop and grow your start up and new business ideas.
Delivered by entrepreneur and start up business expert Wendy Breakell MD of Break into Business. Wendy also invited other entrepreneurs into the sessions to add different perspectives.

Our first cohort started the course on 4th June, taking part every Thursday for four weeks.

Outline of the programme

The future for start ups and small business looks potentially more positive if we develop a resilient and agile business model that can make the adjustments, move into new markets and modes of delivery and show capabilities to be part of the economic unlock. 
Against that background Wendy’s programme of online workshops focussed  on the key features of a resilient business model.
Sessions were discursive, interactive and practical. Participants created their own action plan to take their thinking forward to be ready and prepared, sharing plans, expertise and ideas.

Session one : The entrepreneurial lean business model in the New Normal

  • Explore the changing economic and commercial landscape
  • Examine customer trends and identify the key shifts in consumer behaviour
  • Define how the New Normal may affect the small business and start up economy
  • Relate these ideas to your sector and your business model

Session two : The new marketing mix

  • Developing the marketing mix and readiness to launch and sell.
  • Establishing early customer traction and validation.
  • This will take the Marketing strategy forward focusing on future thinking on new markets, customer segmentation and how demand may shift.
  • We will look at case studies and identify ways we can adapt , modify and innovative in what we do to promote, develop and engage with customers.
  • The emphasis here will be on where the customer is in their thinking and how we can align our business to deliver to those needs.

Session three: Financial support for rebooting the startups

  • Our New Normal may include new lines of grants and funding to support the start and small business economy,
  • We will explore what may be some of the the key themes in these potential new funding streams.
  • What be the role of the local and regional council including the GM Mayoral strategy
  • We will consider how this could align to your business and draft out what a bid might look like.

Session four : Group review and final preparations

  • Looking at you !
  • Your resilience and readiness
  • 1-1 action plan review
  • Panel of entrepreneurs to assist and take questions

We’re hoping to repeat the programme again very soon. If you are interested in taking part please email us at: