PLEASE NOTE: The information below applies only to businesses within the Manchester City Council area. Please contact your local authority for local advice and support.

The Health and a Safety of workers returning to their workplace is of paramount importance in the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

COVID:Recovery helps your business stay compliant and safe for you, your workforce and the public. Control measures still need to be in place to reduce the spread of COVID19 whilst at the same time returning back to normal life. Businesses can find this transitional period difficult, uncertain and stressful which is why our recovery programme has been set up.

Manchester City Council wants to ensure that residents, workers and visitors to the city are safe and therefore we have set up two tiers of support for business

They are extending their offer of free advice and signposting for businesses as they begin their post lockdown journey. Measures to comply with Health and safety duties on reopening workplaces need to be considered at an early stage in the process and we are here to offer the advice and direction where required.

On site audits and assessments are also available for more detailed and sector specific enquiries. This service is offered at reduced rates as we help to ease the financial burdens businesses may have endured during lockdown. A package of 2 hours for the price of £100 plus VAT is offered to any business starting to plan for a safe and legally compliant return to business.

To contact them please complete their on-line enquiry form

Legionella in the workplace

In the near future a large number of premises within your sector will be reopening for business following the Coronavirus outbreak. During this shutdown period, premises may have been left unoccupied which can enable the growth of Legionella bacteria within your hot and cold water system.

Public Health England (PHE) and The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have identified that there may be an increased risk of Legionella exposure once businesses resume. It is a business’s responsibility to control Legionella and prevent exposure to your employees and to the public in the workplace.

Free support and information

Information for landlords

Manchester City Council offer a paid advice service to help businesses understand their legal requirements of Legionella and what they need to do to start operating safely. Manchester City Council’s advice service covers the following:

– Re-opening advice for your business after COVID 19, such as putting in place social distancing, changes to work practices and risk assessment support.
– Help explain and make clear the legal requirements of how to control Legionella in your premises and how these regulations are put into practice both at this time and in the future.
– Carry out an on-site legionella checklist as prepared by the HSE
– Free support documentation, such as the Legionella guidance document and HSE guidance.
– Subject to assessment, free water sampling to test your water system for the presence of legionella that may be at dangerous levels.

To contact them please complete their on-line enquiry form